Jennifer Schwartz is the most hard-working Nutritional coach out there. More than a nutritionist, she is a cheerleader and a mentor-all the while never judging. Her loss is your loss and every gain is a teachable moment. She’s available at all times of the day and is only a text message or phone call away. She always puts her clients before anyone and make sure that she is readily accessible to all. She’s motivating without being pushy and truly looks to bring out the BEST you. She has changed my life forever.

Staying on a diet is hard when you are in your early twenty and living in NYC. Jen makes eating healthy doable and delicious. She is always looking for ways to help her clients whether it is with new snacks, picking a dish at a restaurant, or even staying motivated.

I’ve been yo-yo dieting since I was 13 years old!   I’ve done just about every diet known to mankind. Pretty much failed at each one.  I’d lose weight but soon gained it back. But then Jen came into my life 5 years ago and everything changed. I took off 20 lbs and haven’t seen those pounds since!  Jen has helped me stay on track. Her support, encouragement and love and of course, her realistic diet plan has given me the tools to maintain my weight.